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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - March 28

Without electricity so no typewriter.  Glad that didn't discourage Mother from writing to us.   As most of us know, Helen Spence Carr (1916-2007) was GHU's niece, Uncle Harry's step-daughter, and they lived on a farm in Highland County.  Rob & Cindy's upcoming wedding is also big family news.  Transcription follows.

1982 Letter from Mom & Dad - March 28
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Sun. Evening
Mar. 28, 1982
Dearest Family –
We are writing this in longhand as we have no electricity tonight.  We had dinner at Helen & Wib Carrs.  Richard & Rita Care were there with their three children – Chris their oldest daughter is in 7th grade, Jim in 3rd grade and Holly is just 14½ months old.  Rita was expecting her the last time we were down there.

Helen had fixed a big meal as usual – roast beef & leg of lamb, five or six vegetables, relishes and angel food cake & Italian Cream Cake (Calories +++) and home made ice cream.  Chris played the piano and Jim played and sang – reminded me of the time when we were there years ago and "little Richard" played the coronet.  MV & Mie Young played and sang too.  Ate a bite of supper and then got home just about 7:00 and found the electricity had been off here for over an hour – Dad started a fire in the fireplace and with the candles – we'd begun to get used to it – and decided we might as well get started writing a letter.  (Cherie Cooper was here visiting the girls but had to leave to go back to Wilmington College tonight.)

The electricity finally came on at 8:30 so will just write on other side and let Dad make copies tomorrow. – maybe I will as he has to be in the Commissioners Office – whoa!  I forgot he is going to fly from Cincy to Atlanta and meet Grandma after doing business there and they will fly home together.

By the way Thursday was the last day to file for the election – which Dad did and no one else filed against him for his seat.  Three is an Independent who will be running in the fall for D.M. Fife's seat – we wonder why except Dad's term is for 2 years and D.M.'s is for four years.

Last week was comparatively quiet! for which I was very thankful.  The next two to three weeks will make up for it though.

We did go to hear the University (Cincinnati) Singers at the college one night and went to a square dance workshop.  Last night the Sr. MYF had a chili supper at the church.  They had the center of the basement rigged with a special light over the salad bar and then tables around it were candlighted.  The Miss Southwestern Ohio Scholarship Pageant was at Wilm. College so most of them left early to attend that.  Linda Waters was an entrant (first entry I can ever remember New Vienna ever having) – one was from Newark (Denise Jones, daughter of Cary & Theresa Jones).

We were quite surprised to learn that Rob and his girlfriend [Cindy!, they were married in Sept. (?) 1982, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year] are thinking about wedding plans.  Grandma mentioned it but wonder about the date – if any has been set.  His girlfriend is a first grade teacher where Rob also teaches – is from Indiana so we might celebrate Gma's 90 birthday and all get together for that occasion.

The Carrs thought we were planning on dinner-picnic like we had -?- years ago when we had a picnic in the garage.  Haven't finalized any plans yet but the U.M.W. (United Methodist Women – not union workers) are willing to do the catering – when I mentioned we just wanted cake and punch.  We'd appreciate ideas.  Would you rather keep it family and relatives and have a dinner or everyone at an open house for tea and punch or celebrate both ways – same day or what? – consecutive days like Sat. June 19 and Sun. June 20.  The latter is Father's Day.  We'd appreciate input from everyone!  We have rented a cottage at Lake Cowan June 19 to26 for extra space and hope that as many will come no later than June 19 and stay as long as possible!

Rev. Kuntzman [1899-1983] is reported to be out of intensive care and somewhat better but still in the hospital.

[Love, etc.]

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