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1982 To Mary and Mie Young - March 30

Mary and Mie Young received this clever thank-you poem in 1982. I'm assuming P.W. might stand for Preacher's Wife, which at that time would have been Rona Thompson. More about the Thompsons tomorrow. Transcription follows.

To Mary & Mie Young 30-Mar-1982
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We have two "little neighbor" gals
Who live next door, you see,
And they are just about the
Nicest things that they can be!

They love to bake and cook and such –

To them it seems no chore.
Why, just the other evening
One appeared at our front door

With, of all things! a Pecan Pie

Still hot from out her oven,
And left it on our table – Oh,
I tell you, it was heaven!

It was so good! We ate it all –

We cleaned up that pie platter!
And then, we thought about the s c a l e s;
'Twas much too late to matter!

Then, horrors, to our shame we found

Her own dear Dad and Mother
Had not a taste of Pecan Pie.
She'll have to bake another.

The other gal makes K'rean things;

Far East cuisine delicious!
(I've even stooped to throwing hints;
I feel downright capricious!)

So, girls, this comes to tell how much

We 'preciate your labors.
(Hence, Korean stuff or Pecan Pies,
Please don't forget your neighbors!)

HaHaHaHaHa & lotsa love

The P.W.

March 30, 1982

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