Friday, March 30, 2012

1982 To Jean - Poem - March 31

The P.W., assuming she is the same as "Guess Who," must have been in a poetic frame of mind in late March 1982, or perhaps she was always that way. This one to Jean, brought back memories of the hours spent at the clothes line as well as mowing the grass.

Poem to Jean 31-March-1982

Jean on lawnmower c1985
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Spring has sprung!
      No time for ease,
Jean's wash is swinging in the breeze!

Soon time to mow,
     And then to hoe,
I think I'll hide and just lay low –
          'til Winter.

March 31, 1982
Guess Who???

Rev Homer Thompson was pastor at the NVUMC from 1981-1985.  He and his wife, Roma, lived next door in the parsonage during that time.  Homer retired in 1989 and suffered from Parkinsons, going into a nursing home in the Columbus area in 1996.  He passed away in 2001.
Roma & Rev. Homer Thompson on parsonage porch c1983

Rev. Homer Thompson, Darren Stricker, Roma Thompson c1983 at HH Uibles house for progressive dinner


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Having trouble with the comments thing. :( I don't remember at all a pecan pie or her poetic skill but her name was Roma :)

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Mary, thanks for your comment. I updated her name to now show "Roma" and appreciate your correction. Wonder if Dad is still in contact with her? And you think the lawn-mowing, hoeing poem may have been by Jean Sanker? Interesting timing. I have more things from Jean Sanker but not delving into them quite yet.

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