Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2002 - Emails to/from John

In a letter John wrote to his parents on March 2, 2002, he mentioned Kate's Dance Alive program to be held on Saturday, March 16.  In the week prior to that, some emails were exchanged regarding Kate's Uible grandparents visiting Newark during that time.

7-March-2002 To John from Uibles
Thanks for the letter.  Yes, we have made reservations for Sat. night at the Marriott.  Please get us a rose for Kate.  Thanks.  Oh yes, let us know if you get this, as had heard you had not gotten our last email.  Love, M&D

7-March-2002 To Uibles from John
Yes, we received your message and glad you can stay over Sat. night.  Since you are coming, we may check to see if you are up to watching Andrew for a few hours Sat. evening.  Jerry and Betty expressed interest in eating out with you afte Kate's performance Saturday.  Do you have interest?  Andrew and I could join you two, but Kate needs to be back at 5PM for evening performance and Julie wants her to rest in between shows.  By the way, we are looking at Sunday, May 5th for Kate's birthday party.  Hope you can join us.  Love, John

8-March-2002 To John from Uibles
Dear John, Julie, Kate and Andrew,
We did get your email and would be happy to look after Andrew – that would be our pleasure and also to see the Ashcrafts but doubt if Andrew wants too formal a dinner.  Use your own best judgment and we will go from there.  Always glad to hear from you and am sure Kate will do a very good performance.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you but please no big or elaborate plans – it's primarily to see Kate and the rest of the family.  Love to each one of you, Dad and Mother

13-March-2002 To Uibles from John
Mom and Dad, We look for you to arrive late Saturday morning or at least by noon.  Plan to come to our house as we can all go to Granville together.  There is a parade beginning at 2PM to honor Lea Ann Parsley so we will have to allow a little extra time.  Jerry and Betty are planning to eat out with us afte the show and Andrew is excited about swimming at the Courtyard.  Do you have interest in attending our Sat. evening church service at 7PM?  Or would you prefer the early Sunday service at 8:15AM?  You can tell us when you arrive Saturday.  Love, John

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Can easily tell that the first note from the folks is from Dad, second from Mom by language, use of names (or lack thereof), etc. "Use your own best judgement" was something Mother said often. Dad would say essentially the same thing but fewer words! :)

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