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Dec. 8, 1972, 1989-99 Limousines on College Street

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1972 - Pete Demas dies at 82, came to USA in 1906, NV in 1926 and worked until 1952.  His wife died 8/15/65.

Friday 1989 - 3" snowfall, first of the season.  GG drove, we did fine until we came to the big hill, several cars slid off so we turned around and came back to NV, 2½ hours after leaving.  Jean worked at Bank in PM with things left over from Church Bazaar.  At 6:30 we were on the cleanup committee at Senior Citizens, they had served over 400 meals to P.R.C. in the past 24 hours.  Had good turkey dinner.

Saturday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Clark sale, downtown property brought $9,000, '79 Dodge $1500.  Mother slept until noon.  Cut our Christmas tree across the street.  Looks nice.  Jean made broccoli soup.

Sunday 1991 - Ate at Wooden Spoon, $5.95 buffet.  Saw the Howards there.  Roberta is off and on re coming to see GHU.  Darren Striker, his wife and sister joined church.

Tuesday 1992 - McKay deposition in Wilmington at BMW's office.  Got word perfect software.  UMW family night at the Hannah's.  She had done a nice painting of Ohio River bridge at Wheeling.  We took the Robe's, his comment how Jim as had 15 cars in 14 months.  We all had a BIG laugh about the limousine looking for College Street in NV.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Jean had Womens Club at Garnet Fishers in Wilmington.  Elaine was late getting here to babysit.  Had Bob German [?] at the house for an appraisal.  Great day weather wise.  Ran into Kathy Hanke, she and he husband had dissolution today.  She has Pres. Sales Club in 1993 with Flash Realty

Thursday 1994 - Catherine called us this AM (5:30 her time), Wendy is flying to Montreal on 12/22 for 10 days to see this fellow she met in Scotland.

Friday 1995 - Went to Centerville for Jean to see dermatologist.

Sunday 1996 - Went to the Sankers, the "Open House" show.  Then to Montgomery UMC on Pfister Road, where their grandson Ben was in the program.  We saw the "twins", six weeks old.  Jeanne S. has the New Cumberland Courier back to 1976.  Sankers have lived in T.P. for 24 years.

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