Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec. 30, 1988-99 Coming to an end

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1988 - We went to Wilmington and got this book [the diary itself, a SD364 "1990 Standard Diary"] at Watsons for $21, had been $42 (but we got it a year early).  Had supper at Frisch's, total $7.80.  Jean had salad bar with spaghetti and I had liver and onions.  Unleaded gas 85.9¢m 3600 miles on the Honda.  Getting about 30mpg around town.

Saturday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Albertson's at 59th and Cactus [actually it's at 51st & Cactus and is one of the few Albertson's still open within 5 miles of our house, one at 59th and Olive opened in 2004, closed in 2007, replaced by Fresh & Easy (in half of former Albertson's) in 2008, closed in 2010.  Another former Albertson's at 75th and Cactus has been replaced by Lee Lee's oriental foods.]  Lunch at Safeway, salad bar, $2.39 each.  Went to Mesa, saw the Mormon Temple, beautiful lights.

Sunday 1990 - Had SS lesson, Matthew 22.  Jean called us about 1:30am re Mother's temperature at 103 degrees.  John left at 8am to meet Julie in Worthington to go to a wedding in Cleveland.  Jean not feeling up to par.  More rain.

Monday 1991 - [Nashville to home with the Sankers] Complimentary continental breakfast at the [Maxwell House] hotel, story of how Maxwell House coffee got it's name. Drove by Parthenon downtown area and then to Hermitage, $6.50 each, nice reception area.  Got tape recorder, nice visit.  Lunch at Morrison's Cafeteria, pie 89¢.  Got back to Sankers at 9pm, 666 miles later.  Gas 96.9¢.

Wednesday 1992 - Crowsons arrived, used bread maker again.  29 days on gas bill, 257 ccfs used, $140.40.  Up in the 50s today.

Thursday 1993 - Got heel plates on Timberland Shoes in Wilmington, $1.50.  LL Bean sale catalog came.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix] We had breakfast at First Watch, too much to eat.  John, Julie, Kate, Catherine and I went to South Mountain for a hike, 3.5 miles.  Fat man squeeze on hike, nice walk.  Got back to Best West about 3pm, their salesman has cancer and not doing too well, plus lady salesman who has 5 children is having trouble with her oldest (13).  Prior to going to Red Robin [closed that location, later opened at Arrowhead] at 59th and Bell went to Price Club [now Costco, moved out of that location and opened at Arrowhead].  What a lot of clapping at Red Robin [they had a birthday song involving clapping which I adapted and used for preschool programs at the library].  Kate liked that.  What huge desserts, two of them were enough for 8 of us.

Saturday 1995 - Article in WNJ about train to Wilmington from 8/11/1853 to 7/21/1956.  Took Jean's UMC paper to gal in Springboro, walked around Dayton Mall, new JC Penney store to open 3/96.  Had supper at Sweeneys [Seafood House] in Centerville.  Light portion of salmon and 2 vegetables for $12.95.  Soup $1.95.

Monday 1996 - [Phoenix] Got our Alamo rental car and checked into the Homestead at 21st Ave. and Dunlap.  New this year, have room #305.

Thursday 1999 - Jean had MD appointment, had lunch at Jay's Landing.  Serena helped me with word processing.

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