Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec. 13, 1989-99 Christmas events

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [to Phoenix] Left for Phoenix on TWA, $178.19 round trip via St. Louis for four weeks at Royal Suites Apts. on 33rd Ave., south of Peoria for $1225 + $75 for third person + 10.25% tax for total of $1433.25.

Sunday 1992 - Went to Christmas program at Wilmington Church of Christ.  Rev. Merkle has been there 39 years.  Calling hours for Fannie Moore, she was 96 last February.  Had lunch at Wilmington Ponderosa.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Met with Gleason Long family.  Got fax that Value Merchants filed for bankruptcy, owing Wells $212,000, bad news.  Ginny sure likes to be read to, she is learning how to open the refrigerator herself.  Jean went to hospital guild meeting at Marie Coopers.

Tuesday 1994 - We went to Wilmington and got license plates for the Ford Pick-up.  Got plaque for Faymon and Irene Woods.  UMW meeting at Hannahs, had game of identifying states from their outlines.

Wednesday 1995 - Wells Christmas party at Senior Center, nice time.  Some ice so Women's Club cancelled out.  Quarterly Conference at church, 12 present.  Shirley [Cadle, DS] spoke of her meal at a German house in 1955, she is 60 now, has two children who are MBA's and a daughter going to school for the mission field.

Friday 1996 - Went to Xenia and Dayton (Campbell account) and had supper at Waynesville, refills on all drinks for 95¢, then the Hot Chocolate was $1.95 and no refills.

Saturday 1997 - [Kentucky] Took Ginny and Dakota, a girl her age who lives across the street, to see Flubber the crazy college professor, the stuff would make the basketball player really jump.  Everything that Ginny would see in the show she wanted.

Sunday 1998 - Pastor Mike spoke on being out on a limb (away from the tree trunk), Matthew 3:1-12.  Went to Martinsville about 5:15, we had parts to say in a skit, combination of Lynchburg, Martinsvillle and NV.  Had pot luck supper, then a skit and then service with communion.  Got home about 9:30.  Really went well.  Shirley [DS] spoke on appreciation and how she got from Africa University.

Monday 1999 - Jean went to the Dr. and then we had lunch at Saegus [?], take a # when you go in.  Saw Madge Ann Beam in Auditor's office.  Then saw article in NYT about the RR in 1869 when the spike was placed in Utah, was the then equivalent of the internet.  Took package to Ruth, a ...[?] plus stamps and a poinsettia.

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