Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec. 21, 1989-99 Christian released from hospital

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Phoenix] Supper with Morgans. We got 14 cards today.

Friday 1990 - Picked broccoli in the garden.  Can struggle through Pomp and Circumstance on the piano.  The WSJ recently went to 75¢ for a single copy.

Monday 1992 - Met John and Julie at this restaurant [Christopher's American Fine Dining, receipt included below] in Columbus, 32nd floor of the Riffe Office Tower [Vern Riffe State Office Tower -- Click here for list of tallest buildings in Columbus, Ohio.  Apparently there is currently no restaurant at this location, appears to be mostly government occupied.]  We were at CPL for two hours before dinner, then 2½ at the restaurant, very nice and they had an entertainment card.  John and Julie are now going to this new Baptist Church near Granville.

Tuesday 1993 - [Knoxville TN to Asheville via Lake Junaluska] Nice continental breakfast at the Hotel [Knoxville Hilton], though very little business.  Good bowl of fresh fruit.  Had buffet lunch at Hotel at Lake Junaluska, NC, very nice facility.  Visited the historical museum [possibly the World Methodist Museum or the Canton Area Historical Museum] there.   Slow going into Asheville where we had reservations at the Hilton Hotel.  What a narrow road up to the hotel.  Glare of ice on highway coming into Asheville.

Wednesday 1994 - [to Phoenix] We left for Phoenix and had rental car and reservations at Royal Suites for $41/night, from 1/1 to 5/1 it is $69/night.  We are in room 133.  Delta has sure cut back on meal service, really a snack now.

Saturday 1996 - [to Newark and back] Left at 9AM for Newark, ate at little restaurant in Hanover, visited new Industrial Museum in Newark, interesting to see glass balls made with designs inside.  The family got us a toaster (wide mouth) and a portable phone.  Gave Jean a sweatshirt and pants for her birthday.  Got home about 10:30 after a snack at Wendy's before we left.  Ed Jones wrote that his wife, June, passed away.

Sunday 1997 - [Kentucky] We drove to Lexington and all were surprised that Christian would be discharged today.  We were dreading the experience of Ginny leaving her parents, she can become quite tearful.

Monday 1998 - In the 50s and lots of rain.  Jean had Hospital Twig Meeting here.

Tuesday 1999 - [Huntsville to Gulf Shores AL with Ginny] Toured the Space Center [U.S. Space and Rocket Center], way over our heads, had lunch there.  A drizzle of rain until we got south of Birmingham.  Had supper at  Lamberts in Foley AL, about 10 miles north of Gulf Shores.  The home of "Throw Bread" [referred to on their website as the only home of "Throwed Rolls"].  Gulf Shores State Park had plenty of room, right on the beach.  Now wonder the rates are low, about $40.

Receipt from Christopher's American Fine Dining 12/21/92:
1 Spring Rolls  3.95
1 Daily Soup    2.50
2 House [Salad]  5.00
2 Free Range    29.90
2 Lo-Mein        21.90
1 De-Caf Coffee 1.00
1 Crepe               3.25
1 Mousse            3.25
Subtotal             70.75
Tax                     4.07
Amount Due      74.82

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