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Dec. 3, 1988-99 Lois Bruce passes away

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - Jean left for first Emmaus meeting in Wilmington and left my bike in Wilmington at the WPL.  Got home in time to help clean up from the Church Bazaar.

Sunday 1989 -  Jean had SS lesson on Daniel 1.  The 3 of us ate in Leesburg.

Monday 1990 - PPR invited Rev. Johnson back for another year.

Tuesday 1991 - Both of the Mothers Clubs met.  Thelma Holmes passed away.  Roberta is excited that she has her way to Israel paid for by getting others to go.  Also Lois Bruce passed away, she was 86.

Friday 1993 - [to Logan, via Lebanon, Cincinnati, and Lancaster, Ginny visiting] Went to Otterbein Home to see the Finchs, then to Cincy to see Goldie Correll, all on legal business.  At 5 we left for Lancaster to meet John and Julie and Kate at the Apple Barrel Restaurant [nothing listed with that name near Lancaster] on US 33 N, then we drove to the Bear Run Inn near Logan.  Marcia and Bud Myers (614-385-8007) and Sue Smith Roberts (Jim Smith's daughter, [Catherine's age]) lives there.

Saturday 1994 - Beautiful day, mulched shrubbery on east side of house.  Serena came in the PM with the children's c... gift of 2 luggage bags.  She stayed for supper, then we went ⃞ dancing in Hillsboro.  Saw Bill Wical there.  Asa Flint told us he had worked for Landmark for 40 years.  Worked on Christmas letter. Article in NYT how Toys-R-Us has 21% of toy business, Walmart 12.9%, K-Mart 7%.  Harold Ludrok told me that this Dr. in Troy had helped his arthritis by [having him] eating two pieces of celery a day + herbs.

Sunday 1995 - [Cincinnati]  Went to Westwood UMC, George Brown was a DS here, left 7 years.  Message: "What time is it?"  Ate at Hardy's across the street, then to John Herrick house on Dayton Street, then to Taft home on Auburn Ave., quite interesting.

Tuesday 1996 - Made reservations with Delta for flight to Phoenix on Christmas Eve.  Marion Bledsloe in, oh the family problems.

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Ladies night at NV Senior Citizens, $8 each.  Beverly Grover singing was the program.  Card from Bill Glissman that Margaret had died in June at age 77.

Thursday 1998 - Christmas card from Ed and Evie Johnson.  Jean picked broccoli out of the garden.  Visited Elsie Satterfield.  Problems of bank account with NV Alumni with Lyle's passing.  GG and Annie to tax school.  Have I mentioned that we recently rec.... to keep the paint from flaking.

Friday 1999 - Elsie Satterfield asked me if she could go home with me, wonder if she would be happy anyplace.  Jean got invitation for Volunteer meal at CMH.  Biography of Jimmy Carter on C-Span.

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