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Dec. 20, 1989-99 Christmas Parties

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - Got our ElderHostel acceptance for the China trip next September.

Wednesday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Food Bank with Roberta.  Got FAX letter from Roberta.  Got take home food from Chinese Restaurant.

Thursday 1990 - Christmas lunch at Wells.  NV Senior Citizens going to Clifton to see the lights.  Really had the rain the last few days.  Ceiling around our chimney is leaking again.  The Kincaids are going to Iceland [or Ireland?] for 6 months.

Friday 1991 - Mother loved the cantaloupe.

Sunday 1992 - Mother "out" today.  The Hortons arriving from Indiana.  Went to Wilmington UMC, Christmas music program.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to Knoxville TN] Back tracked 25 miles when we realized we had MV's billfold in the car.  Ate at Applebee's in Oak Ridge and visited the [American Museum of Science and Energy] museum, which was over our head.  Jean took part in the "atom machine," makes our hair stand up.  Stayed at Knoxville Hilton, right across the street from the Public Library.  Had supper at Regas Restaurant, where Dave Thomas started (he started Wendy's).  Very nice, had early-bird special before 6:30pm.  [Something about] business card with our name on it.  [In late breaking news, The Knoxville New Sentinel announced on 12/12/10 that the Regas will be closing on 12/31/10 after nine decades.  They opened in 1919.  They cite multiple road construction and increased competition as the primary reasons.]

Tuesday 1994 - Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens, got every one a ham and door prizes.  Jean I went to Otterbein Home re getting Finch estate started.  Had supper at Wendy's in Wilmington.  Jean got a permanent at Mary McMillins.  Two calls this am about estates.  McKibbin and Rockford.

Wednesday 1995 - UMC Choir pot luck at Marty Ames Gillespie's house, then a 1½ hour practice at the church.  Tax rate schedule in the WNJ.  NV has the highest in the County at $60.05 per thousand.  Margaret Drake fell and broke her hip.

Friday 1996 - Christmas at Wells, got plaid pull over sweater and yellow and green turtleneck shirts.  About 10°.

Saturday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Sunday 1998 - 77 at Sunday School.  Roger Bahr was Santa.  110 at church.  Minister had to borrow our car, wife had keys, so ended up taking him and Susie (Mary's sister) to Samuel Walkers, where they have ala carte rather than buffet for brunch.  Marys works at Mental Health so she cam up and joined us, had pancakes and home fries.  [Receipt, attached to 12/18, info transcribed below.]

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to Huntsville AL with Ginny] We headed south with Wendy Ginny, toured the Saturn auto plant at Spring Hill TN.  Stayed at Research Park Holiday Inn in Huntsville AL.

Samuel Walker Receipt from 12/20/98:
2 Honey Pecan $13.90
Baked Potato $1.75
3 Cafe Salad $5.85
Soft Drink $1.50
Smothered Prime $6.95
Vegetable $1.50
Grill Chick Salad $7.25
2 Fried Potatoes $1.98
Pancakes $2.95
Snickers Cheese $2.95
Promo/Coupons -$6.95
Promo/Coupons -$1.75
Promo/Coupons -$1.95
Tax $2.16
Total $38.09

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From Dad: 1990 - The Kincaids went to Iceland as a visiting college professor. He also did that in the far east.

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