Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 11, 1989-99 Happy Birthday, Mother and Christian!

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

[Monday 1922 - Jean Wallace Ballantyne born]

Monday 1989 - Spoke with Bill Davidson re Pontiac, he would go $450.

Tuesday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta to Dayton airport.  Had supper at Red Lobster, cheapest entree $6.99, soup $1.99, got gas in Vandalia for 118.9¢.  Got slip over boots at Haines, they are going out of business.  Got new heels on comfortable brown shoes.

Wednesday 1991 - Serena, John and Julie surprised Jean at Heartland.  Had dinner at Wooden Spoon, $4.95 buffet.  Jean got silk poinsettia from the Morgans.

Friday 1992 - More tax school.  Gave Jean a pair of Laser scissors for #70.  She and Ann Bailey went to Springfield to shop.

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] The Sears man from Dayton called us at 8:15 about their sale from 8-10am today.  Called the Hortons.  Bill doesn't have any appetite.  A TV Guide for Jean.  Fist day we haven't had a sympathy card.

Sunday 1994 - [Kentucky] Got Jean that library bag from New Cumberland, their 40th year.  MV got her a neck rest.  Had pot luck at Don's church at noon and then another pot luck at Somerset UMC.  MV had a great musical program in the AM services.

Monday 1995 - [Kentucky to home] Left Somerset about 9am, walked around Florence Mall, ate at Morrison's Cafeteria there.  Did get some Christmas Cards there.  Revco had them 50% off, got gas for 96.9¢.  Got Jean book, Charles Kuralt's America.

Wednesday 1996 - Wells Christmas party at Senior Citizens, also honored Jim Brooks retirement, he and Roy Adams are both 77-years-old.  Jim started 1/70.  Jean had Women's Club at Denver House.  MV sent sweatshirt, grandchildren are like seeds.

Thursday 1997 - [Christian Michael Crowson born, Kentucky] Helped MV move furniture around before they went to Somerset Hospital at 10am for C-Section at noon and was over by 12:30.  Christian Michael Crowson, 9lbs 2oz, quite red.

Friday 1998 - Christian is now 32" tall and weighs 25#.  Got Jean a fire extinguisher, hardly romantic.  Had leftovers from Wilmington for lunch and extras (broccoli from garden).  Had thought we would got to D's Pizza in PM but Jean had pizza at home.  Went to Wells for about 90 minutes for free phone calls.  Called Doris Eaton Jones discovered they live in Scottsdale.  Jean worked on computer at Wells (as Harold S had ours) for Conference Report for this Sunday.  Harold S. says they are planning an Israel trip in 2001.  Catherine sent her Mother a HUGE poinsettia.

Saturday 1999 - [Cincinnati to home] Walked to Convention Center, Big 60s fun party, $10 for adults, not for us.  Up to P.L. again and had 2pm lunch there.  Looked at South at Garfield Place out of curiosity.  Then to Covenant Presbyterian Church built in 1875.  They had a Scottish band, then a magic show - how she could turn a plain notebook into color and back.  Had supper at cheap place in Mariemont (Inn built in 1926) interesting picture of how then there was a lot of open space around.  Called Howard Uible, Jane confined to room with Emphysema.  They have been at Seasons for 2 years.

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