Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec. 10, 1989-99 Kentucky

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - MV and Don arrived early (1am).  Taught SS lesson, Daniel 2.  John And Julia Ashcraft came about 3 and left about 7.  Open house at parsonage.

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean has hospital guild dinner here.  Roberta brought GHU up here for a walk.  Got fruit from the Hortons.

Tuesday 1991 - Jean had UMW meeting here, about 25, men were guests.  Ed Johnson spoke on flying.  Mother will answer you but no appetite and even hard to get her to drink.

Thursday 1992 - Fannie Moore passed away at 96.  Tax School, the predicted snow storm didn't materialize.

Friday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Ginny really goes for raisins.

Saturday 1994 - [Kentucky] What a wet day.  A skiff of snow in NV.  We went to Sonny's in Somerset, all you can eat for $5.50.  In the evening we went to the Baptist Church for their Christmas tree (9 layers) program.

Sunday 1995 - [Kentucky] Ginny under the weather, so Jean stayed with her.  MV had special music program and Don had a solo.  Had take-out dinner from Bob Evans.  In the evening a church pot luck.  Don stayed with MV.  Really cold today.

Tuesday 1996 - Had eye appointment, ate at the deli in the new book store with Lorene Williams.  Jean had UMW meeting here, 23 present, also the Christmas program at the school.  Had a "great time" calling London England.

Wednesday 1997 - [to Kentucky] After a noon Women's Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens, we drove to Somerset and were there before 6 for their weekly dinner and program that followed, in which Ginny had a solo.

Friday 1999 - [Cincinnati] After breakfast in the room we walked around the sky walk.  Had reservation at the Maisonette [closed 2005] at 12:30.  Soup $6.50, swordfish $18.75.  Always filling the water glass.  Had supper at Pig Al's, that same day there was a negative article in the Enquirer about the restaurant.  The article accused the waiter of being too chummy.  Was surprised to see Liz McCracken working in Tiffany's, she has been there 2 years.  Her son has Woody Uible's wife as a senior cook at the Westin room service.  Continental breakfast is $9.25, cold cereal is $4.50 with fruit $5.25 + $3 delivery charge and 17% tip.  The big breakfast is $14.25.

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