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Dec. 6, 1989-99 Last Tomato

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [Kentucky] Heard MV sing in the Messiah, had lunch in Georgetown KY at Elijah's 2085 Broadway [no restaurants listed at that address now].  Very nice.  Drove by the large __________ auto plant near there.  [Evidently Toyota.]

Wednesday 1989 - Lions Club met at Wilmington College.  Mrs. Purtell [?] and David Reems had musical program.  The Hauses took us, $8 each.  New Mexican Restaurant (Taco Bell) opens in Wilmington, also Burger Chef breaks ground.  Rev. Johnson called, he is willing to stay.  Got haircut at Greg's.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] To Tax School again, oh the complexities.  We ate at Wendy's.  Mother seems quite well.  Roberta brought her an elephant.  Wilmington Jaycees phoned about selling a Wilmington coupon book for $34.95 with delivery the same evening.

Sunday 1992 - Ate at Cockrell's [in Blanchester], most meals $6.75, then to Sankers, toured 5 homes in Terrace Park, then had a snack at their house, then drove around and saw the Luminarias, candles in a paper sack with a sand bottom.  Had SS lesson on Joshua 1.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Tuesday 1994 - We went to Wilmington bought cabinet at Walmart for $69 for Cherri Laymon's SS Class.  Total water, sewer, etc. bill $29 for the month.  Article about Rome and New Zealand in NYT.

Wednesday 1995 - [Clipping from WNJ, 25 years ago inserted on this date, transcribed below.] Lions met at NV Senior Citizens, $8 per person.  GG had a lady from Xenia sing.  Had cake with heavy icing.  Sat next to Bob Walkers, they got their condo in 1987.

Friday 1996 - Mary [MUH] called us, quite windy, she had just returned from NYC, she still has trouble looking for things in the middle of the night.

Sunday 1998 - In high 60s, we went on a picnic at Denver Williams Park, quite windy.  Snow Hill Park has a closed sign on it.  Got ink cartridge at Staples, $27.  Open House at the parsonage, lots of ch....[choices? cheese? chairs?].  Wrote Nancy Walker about next March [visiting her in Spain], ate our last tomato out of the garden, had pulled it with the vine.  Broccoli still growing.

Monday 1999 - [Newark to home] John had bank meeting at 8am, we had breakfast with Julie, Kate and Andrew.  Julie ran a few errands and we left about 10am.  Brief stop at Easton, still building there.  Had lunch at Wendy's, ½ way home, older gal who just works at noon.  Jean had Mothers Club at Marie Cooper's.  Roberta leaves for a week trip to Greece.

From Wilmington News Journal 12/6/95:  25 years ago, December 6, 1970.  The New Vienna Lion's Club celebrated its 23rd anniversary Wednesday with the annual Ladies Night Christmas Party at the New Elk's building.  Present were the following Lions and their wives:  Mr. and Ms. Harold Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cochran, Mr and Mrs. John Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Eltzroth, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fawley, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fenwick, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Flint, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Flint.  Also Mr. and Mrs. Orville Harner, Dr. and Mrs. Hause, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kersey, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ledford, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Penn, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, Mr and Ms. Walter Tanforth, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible, Mr and Mrs. Robert Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Vinton Wolfe.  Guests were Laura Carey, Alice Rudisill, and Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kersey.

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