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Dec. 29, 1988-99 Following the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1988 -  Bill McCracken sworn in as Judge.  Big stew about Wilmington College President and Athletic Director.  Our last square dance as President.  Had 10 squares.  Finished up broccoli from our garden.

Friday 1989 - [Phoenix] Pike gas, 305 cubic feet, $165.40.  John arrived in Phoenix.  Smitty's for lunch, wouldn't go back.  Supper at Morgans, MV made fruit salad.

Saturday 1990 - MV leaves, they have a classy '86 (?) Lincoln.  John arrives.

Sunday 1991 - [to Nashville with the Sankers] We met the Sankers at 8am at their house to go to Nashville, TN.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel, next stop was Opryland Hotel.  Two huge open areas with lots of greenery and lots of cheerleaders.  They were having annual convention.  Then to Maxwell House Hotel, we were in room #835.  Sankers son had an in there for a discount rate of $45 for each couple.  Opryland was $179.  Had supper at Cork of The Walk.  Catfish is their specialty.  I just ordered beans and greens at $1.10 each, what a large serving.  At 7pm we saw the fellow playing the harp at the "O" hotel, and the dancing formations.  Beautiful outdoor lights, a "zillion" lights.

Tuesday 1992 - [Danville OH to home with the Baileys] Another nice breakfast, a big souffle, biscuits, fruit, juice and big choice of tea.  Serving at 8:30 or 9:30.  This couple, Ian and Yvonne, had just taken it over in August.  Visit to Kenyon College Bookstore, then to Mt. Vernon, got belt at leather shop, $17 and Jean got blue purse $58.  [Possibly Down Home Leather, which appears to have been there for some time.]  Lunch at Watts in Utica, the Velvet Ice Cream place in Utica didn't look too clean.  BIG flywheel at back.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix] We all had lunch at the Dial Building, then Jean and Julie went to Dillard's clearance store while I went to the Capitol for a tour, also the Supreme Court.

Friday 1995 - On Wall Street Program prediction of how the DJ Average will go to 6,000 in 1996 [See below to see that the prediction came true.]

Sunday 1996 - [Las Vegas to Phoenix with Wendy and Petra]  After big breakfast we left for Phoenix, lots of traffic around Boulder Dam.  Had supper with the Morgans.

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky to home] Back from Somerset, snow when we left there, but got better.  Had lunch at First Watch off Exit 6 on I-71.  Got gas at King's Island for 98.9¢.  Delta had full page ad on bargain fares through March.  CVC to London, $187.

Tuesday 1998 - Another busy day in the office.  Libby Hughes was in (had worked at Wells 20 years ago, her Dad had passed away.  Serena left for the Crowsons.  Got Delta tickets to Greensboro for trip on 1/1/99, $79 each.

Wednesday 1999 - Serena arrived about 11pm, brought 3 kinds of bread.

[From the "address" section of the diary are the Dow Jones Averages at various dates:]

Date        Dow Jones Average
1/1/87        2002
4/17/91      3004
2/23/95      4003
11/21/95    5023
10/14/96    6010
2/13/97      7000
7/16/97      8038
4/6/98        9033

[For complete list of the DJI Averages from 1928 to the present click here. Or click here for a chart showing peaks (and valleys) for the DJI from 1900-2010]

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