Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec. 22, 1989-99 Meals Aplenty

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Phoenix] Guests of the Frank Cunninghams for lunch at one of the Big 4 Restaurants nearby.  Their 6th year in Sun City West, showed me his estate plan, $900+.

Saturday 1990 - Went to Wilmington, saw "Home Alone" about a family who went to Paris and then realized they left an 8-year-old at home and the challenges he had in keeping the robbers out.  Movie admission was $3.25 before 6, and then $4.50.  Had supper at 94 South, used coupon, still $20 with tip.  The Ed Fifes were there.

Sunday 1991 - 69 at Sunday School and 104 at church.  Hard to get Mother to eat anything, won't open her mouth.  Ate at Frischs, saw Tony [?] Cain there, hopes to get his college degree in 3 more months.

Tuesday 1992 - We ate at the Senior Citizens.  Orville Harner was the Chief Cook, $2/person.  Mother alert today.  Nice day, took her outdoors.

Wednesday 1993 - [Asheville NC] Skimpy continental breakfast [at Hilton], drove to [Carl] Sandburg's home, which was closed, then to Grove Park Inn where we had a large buffet lunch.  quite a large hotel with large stone fireplaces.  We had reservations at the Biltmore Estates, $28 each, very beautiful.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix] We met Catherine for lunch, went to JB's her sandwich was bad and the bacon didn't come with my liver and onions so we ate for about 1/2 price.  [This was the JB's by the library which has since been the home to two other restaurants and now is being totally renovated and will open soon as a Woody's Bar-B-Q.  Their headquarters are in Jacksonville FL.]

Friday 1995 - Wendy called us about 8:15.  She and Tom are going to Bear Lake CA for the weekend to visit his parents.  More hassle on the Warren Moore estate division.  Office group game me a white sweater and turtle neck shirt.  Got Wilmington College Link, CJ Moore will retire at the end of the month after 29 years.  Roberta has made reservations to come next may for $169 RT.

Sunday 1996 - Thin coat of ice this AM, Jean took one step from our front porch and went "boom."  Took her to ER about 5pm, told us to apply ice pack for 20 minutes of every hour for first two days.  Lucky no bones broken.

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Tuesday 1998 - Had three calls regarding the start of an estate this AM.  Closing on Finch property to Martha Saylor.  Surprised as cable man here to install service, thanks to John.  Down to 19 degrees but sunny.

Wednesday 1999 - [Gulf Shores AL with Ginny] Drove around the area, visited the library in both Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  Had the breakfast buffet at the lodge [Gulf Shores State Park] for $5.50.  Nice nature walk right on main street.

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