Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 1989-99 Hortons 50th Wedding Anniversary

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [ElderHostel in Athens OH]

Wednesday 1990 - [Dayton to home] Got to the Knights Inn in Vandalia [Dayton airport] early early in the AM, the van that met us said "Thrifty Car Rental,"  finally got together.  Bob Walker came at 10:30 for us, had lunch at Wendy's.  Garden salad 99¢.

Saturday 1992 - Cleared along Rt. 73 at Wells, especially in front of the block building – 8 wheelbarrow loads, also the intersection.  The Hortons open house [for their 50th Anniversary] was from 2-4.  Walter Nichols music group played.  They had a lot of pictures on the walls, even Mother and Dad's portraits.  Mother was in rare shape and did great.  Gary Cooper took lots of pictures.  Don Williams was there with a video camera.  Took GHU back to Hillsboro at 5:30, then the supper was at 6.  Angela had rented plates, etc.  Ham loaf, scalloped potatoes, green beans, salad, cake and ice cream.  About 36 at dinner.  Broke up about 8PM and they all came to our house.  Carol and John Mueler are both deaf, but carry on a great conversations.  Their daughter is at O.U. in chemistry.  David and Cindy Uible had a 420 Mercedes.  He sells computers to Swiss banks.  Cindy hit it off with Joe and she bought $700+ of paintings.  It was midnight when we got to bed.  [Dad it would be interesting to see your 1962 diary about Grandma and Granddad's 50th Anniversary, story of John wanting the door left open, etc., MV sorry you missed both of those events.]

Sunday 1993 - Father's Day at Sunday School, got a pair of white socks for having the largest size shoe - 13.  Jean hit a home run on the solitaire computer game.  Bill and Mary were here for lunch.  Bill loves the ham loaf. 

Tuesday 1995 - [ElderHostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Thursday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Friday 1997 - Larry Lyons (89) passed away.  Started his law practice in 1934.  Big (?) news about the tobacco settlement. 

Sunday 1999 - We had invited Bob and Mary Flick to church.  They live at 22 Rice Dr and have been in town about 5 years.  Jean had Ezekiel 3 for SS lesson.  We got back to SS just as they were handing out cookies to the fathers.  Mrs. Flick is quite a talker.  Met John, Julie and Kate at City Park in Chillicothe, nice spot.  Kate does a great job of bike riding without training wheels.  Got gas in Greenfield for 95.9¢.


Catherine said...

From Dad: On the Hortons do recall Wil Horton and how he was so much of a pain to Walter Nichols (he was MUH' age and they grew up together in Westboro and he later became Supt of Co.Schools) in his playing the instrument. Fortunately or unfortunately I failed to keep any notes on my own parents 50th and don't recall much except for John's remark. We did leave a few days later for our five week trip out west. Think you have notes on that trip.

Catherine said...

Both Dad and John sent me correction regarding "David and Cindy" Uible rather than David and Connie which I typed in originally. Thanks! Glad to see you all are paying attention!

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