Friday, September 15, 2006

Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Forty Five Miles

That would be a lengthy car trip! But no, the miles does not pertain to traveling but rather as in Marlboro Miles, which is how many we submitted for merchandise today. In a mere 16 weeks, possibly sooner, we will be in the possession of a tent and two sleeping bags, which are for Wendy & Ken, a Swiss Army Watch, two game sets, and a couple other assorted items. I would encourage you all to rush out and start picking up Marlboro Miles, EXCEPT, they discontinued the program and don't even print the miles on the package anymore.

Looking forward to celebrating John's birthday with him, Julie, Kate & Andrew, and Mom & Dad!
Roberta & Sid, are you off on your getaway? Did you take the computer with you?


Roberta said...

Catherine, I wish I had known.....I have some of those miles around here! Not that I could necessarily find them! And I still see the little coupon at some estate sales. I'm never sure if the ones that saved them died an early death or if they were the ones that bent down to pick them up! We are getting ready for a 70 mile (or so) journey ourselves! Happy Saturday! We started the weekend out right with some wonderful pancakes by Serena last night. I just corrected some 10 mistakes on this....just for the record! Roberta the blogger

serena said...

I donated the 2 or three I found lying around . . . which I found when walking with Catherine.

Catherine said...

Serena, your contribution entitles you to help us open the boxes when they arrive!

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