Friday, September 01, 2006

Contrary to popular belief

I am alive and well and looking forward to the weekend! Can't say it will be a three day weekend like some......

Sid's email covered a bit of our great trip to see the Crowsons. We enjoyed all very much.... Especially the Southern hospitality! I am now making up for lost time between the hot lunch beginning tomorrow and the walking out of the one staff person who we have now regrettably given into her entire time with us!

I do want "you all" to know that despite the fact the blogger Roberta has not been writing, I have not been too busy to read and enjoy others writing! Our crock pot dish tonight was very tasty and used up some 5 ingredients in the freezer that have been hanging around way toooo long! Thanks and TGIF to one and all! This blogger is off to bed...and without ice cream tonight!

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