Friday, September 29, 2006

Ohio, here we come!

That would be on Tuesday that we step into the past beginning with a two night stay in Newark where we will celebrate John's birthday with the folks who are coming to Newark on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we will be walking the streets where Grandma, not to mention the eldest of the Uible-Hortons, lived in the distant past. If the train still ran we could ride to Westboro and visit Granddad's former grocery store. Instead we'll gawk unashamedly at Grandma & Granddad's old house in New Vienna, remembering all the times we spent there when it was in better condition! We're staying at the Days Inn in Hillsboro (Harry Sauner Rd) which was probably farm (?) land until after all the Uible-Hortons moved on, not counting Grandma's days in the nursing home.

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