Friday, September 15, 2006

Free Tent

If I had known anyone wanted a tent....we've had one in our garage for probably 5 years collecting spider webs that we would love to GIVE away! If anyone in the family (or someone you know....) is interested, let me know. It sleeps 4-6. No desire to sleep on the ground at all for the adults in this house!
Glad to be officially enjoying the weekend and watched "Remember The Titans" tonight which I would recommend to any of you. We've also got the Old John Wayne movie, "Rooster Cogburn" and some basketball movie to watch whenever we get around to it.
The youth praise band from church (RUK and Sid heard them) that Ginny is in will be playing a concert at a local youth rally tomorrow night. I'll be taking my ear plugs so that I can enjoy the music at a safe decibel level. Ginny is really enjoying being in 2 bands plus the guitar piano lessons. For the time being, piano is a necessary evil to her....Christian, on the other hand, is starting to like piano (if only his teacher was "normal"---if you've met Jean Murphy, you'd know what I mean!).
Have a great weekend

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Roberta said...

FREE TENT OR COFFEE just doesn't appeal to me! We are more the COMFORT INN types, and will be there tonight! I booked through on line and got a much better deal than the three other ways I tried. #1) calling Comfort Inn directly 2) The Comfort Inn web site and 3) I can't remember. But I even tried more than 3! Roberta the blogger signing (not singing) off.

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