Friday, September 29, 2006

Arrowhead Towne Center, etc.

Roberta and I have been busy recovering from last week. She has been busy with Chez Nous and I've been busy biking around and helping some people.

Yesterday we went to Arrowhead Towne Center to walk and look in the stores. We went in by way of Dillards. I stopped in the shoe department and Roberta (shockingly enough) stopped in the socks department. I met up with her at the cash register where she was buying some socks and she asked me where Sid was. Ummm . . . You would think it would be easy to keep track of somebody with a walker. After all how far could he get? We found out pretty far, pretty fast. . . . fast forward past the confirmation that no ambulances had been called, the security checking the men's rooms, R & I speed walking through the mall several times, etc., etc. I ran into Sid as he was speeding in a different direction. After I ran to catch up with him, he told me we needed to find Roberta and started walking in the other direction. I told him that Roberta would find us after I called her. Anyway, we all got a lot of fast walking in and very little shopping - sure is cheaper that way, but too exciting.

Did have an excellent meal at Good China which is located somewhere near there with Kari from Roberta's church.

Sid's hair now matches on both sides and his neurosurgeon has told him he is doing extremely well. He certainly seems much more his old self than he has been in the last month or so.

Roberta made a rush trip down to Sierra Vista (Sid says it is "way down there"). She was taking a Chez Nous adult day care program employee down there because her boyfriend had died unexpectedly. So Sid, the cats and I held down the fort except I was out for a while helping someone with some computer problems.

I made some muffins for a potluck, although found out we had the date wrong, so we'll put them in the freezer or something. Am thinking about making some for Andrew and Kate - not sure what Kate's favorite would be. I'm sure that Andrew would like some chocolate ones. Anyway, we'll see.

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