Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gas Prices and more

Glad to see that gas was down to $2.45.9 yesterday and with Kroger card, that is $2.35. What's it doing in Phx or Ohio?
Serena, can't believe you haven't responded to Catherine's remark about your picture! I think I agree with Catherine---including the great diversity/interests we all enjoy! Highlighting that remark, I'm watching a show on FoodNetwork about making shrimp cocktail. I'm remembering that mother liked shrimp cocktail and maybe even Serena.
Music Sunday is just 10 days away---bigger than Christmas or Easter in some ways as ALL the choirs at church sing/ring etc. in one hour worship service at 11AM. Each will do one of their own songs and then participate in a mass anthem together at the end.
Was telling Mom and Dad tonight that I saw an excellent show on Travel Network a couple nights ago on the American Oriental Express---in one week you hit 5 Nat'l Parks (Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon and Cedar Breaks (Nat'l Monument).
Did touch base tonight with the folks and they sounded good---Mother's first treatment went very well (and quickly) today. Hopefully the next few weeks will pass quickly and uneventfully for her!
Best of weekends to all!


Catherine said...

Gas is about the same price here, as I think I've seen regular recently in the 2.35 to 2.55 range. Our supercharged car takes premium so luckily we don't drive too much! No comments from Serena to me yet. Serena, are you busy with more jobs? Or busy analyzing each of our pictures for distinctive traits?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

What kind of car do you drive--supercharged? Is this a mid-life crisis thing?

Catherine said...

It's a Pontiac Bonneville SSEI, gives me plenty of confidence that I can accelerate fast enough to get on the freeways, which I do as seldom as possible actually. But at least I don't have to worry about lack of power! I'm in hopes this car will last the rest of my driving life or until the next generation of transportation options offers something better/safer.

serena said...

I had been having some major problems with Foxfire - extremely slow, lots of crashes, etc., etc. It got so bad that I started using Internet Explorer which was a pain, but MUCH faster.

I think I finally fixed the problem last night. I have quite a few extensions and kept disabling the more peripheral ones. I think the cause of the problem was one that I almost never used anyway, so everything is happily solved.

Blogger was just too difficult to use when I had big problems opening new tabs/windows.

serena said...

Yeah, I vaguely recall really liking Shrimp Cocktail at one time. I haven't ordered that in years and years. I don't know . . . shrimp in and of themselves don't have THAT much flavor and cocktail sauce is not really one of my favorite ingredients. I like more lemon flavors with seafood usually.

I did notice a bottle or two of cocktail sauce in the auxiliary refrigerator this morning. One of the bottles should be used sooner rather than later, especially since the expiration date is already past. I'll have to do a recipe Google search.

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