Thursday, September 14, 2006

it's me

I (we) have been busy out here in the wild west looking for missing items like wallet, glasses, and and and. We too talked with the folks tonight, and they did sound great! Hooray! It has been a long week at work thus far! According to staff we had a year ago we are down 55 hours a week! Been tooooo busy, have been eyeing the blog, but tooooo busy for the obits in the paper! The good news is that Sid and I are going South this weekend to Casa Grande. With the cats and house in good hands with Serena (thanks for posting the stress article) we hope to take many short trips.

The alarm is set for 6 am which means the sheets should be calling. Love to all, Roberta

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I am glad Serena is posting these pictures but I'm wondering how RUK got all these pictures??? Maybe I am adopted and that's why I don't have as many pictures. I'm still waiting to see what Serena's response to Catherine's comment re: her picture will be---or did you respond in private, SU? One of the pictures on the CD I will send is Serena Uible Reynolds holding "our" Serena as a baby....

Items from Uible photo album