Wednesday, September 06, 2006

update on Mother

Not clear exactly what will happen tomorrow when she goes to hospital---probably a consult with a radiologist about radiation treatment. The lump definitely was cancer, although at mother's age that after a mastectomy they don't recommend chemo/radiation as odds are it will not return.

I did ask mother to be sure and ask her Drs. for paperwork allowing us to call for updates. Said she would do that. Also asked her to be vigilant over her blood sugar as any kind of stress (real or imagined) will make the sugar go high; needless to say, diet could make the sugar reading even higher.

Time for bed here!

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Catherine said...

Just talked to Mother and learned her appointment isn't until1:30 or later, at least they aren't leaving for Wilmington until after lunch and Dad has some other things to do on the way.

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