Saturday, September 30, 2006

Strawberry Muffins, etc.

Have made strawberry muffins this morning. I made some yesterday morning and froze the leftovers. (Today's is a fairly different recipe.)

Going for a bike ride shortly. RU-K and Sid last night were planning on going for a bike ride this morning. I assume they will at least sample the muffins first.

A trip to Chez Nous to see what needs to be bought at the grocery store - and then the grocery store, I assume is planned. And RU-K and Sid are going to some insurance agent open house/party. I may go along and get dropped off at some ritzy grocery store (Wrights maybe?). Also, I told Pam, for whom I am house-sitting next week-end that I would drop by this week-end to get the lay of the house, cats, etc.

Well, time to hit the road . . . it is to be 100 degrees or higher today . . . again. May stop at $.99 store. Oh, that reminds me . . . WJM and Catherine . . . are we going out tomorrow for WJM's birthday? I think breakfast/brunch might work better for those of us at 12834.

Gotta go.

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