Saturday, September 09, 2006

TGIS (Thank God it's Saturday!)

We had just come back from our favorite meal out, Breakfast! I have been busy learning my watch out! Or should I have said WO???

We have been quite busy here, between working and shopping.....mostly at the grocery store, since Sid would rather shop for groceries than eat them! I did get in a trip to the new Macy's last night, will leave my purchases in the car a few days, so when Sid asks me if something is new, I can say I have had it for awhile! ha We also have a game we play often of looking for things in this house.........from whisk brooms to wallets, to hearing aides.

Mary Virginia, I feel very good about the doctor being in touch with you, though Dad provided quite a few details in his last email. Oh, I meant to respond to that! I am coming to the end of what I can read at the beginning of this post so will stop for now! Looking forward to breakfast with 7 (8 counting KC!) at the table tomorrow at First Watch! Enjoy your weekend, and does anyone beat our record of getting 3 newspapers on Saturday morning? BBL (Be Back Later for those who don't know as much as I do in the abbreviation line!) Roberta the blogger


Catherine said...

Appreciate your emails and blogs, Roberta! Good job of keeping up with both while working twice the number of your regular hours or more than that! See you tomorrow.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I do hope to hear from the Dr. but I will probably have to call him. We'll see.

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