Friday, September 15, 2006

Picture inventory

I have been reading the blog entries. I need to check these over since I was telling my boss today about the UIBLE blog, and not sure if there is any classified information! For some odd reason she seemed interested in the blog. I think she thinks there are some characters in the family! As to the pictures, I did get the bulk of Grandma's inventory, some before 1993 and after she no longer needed them! Speaking of pictures, the folks called several times tonight, first to learn how to use the CD that Serena made and then called back to let us know how much they were enjoying the collection! First it was set up for the pictures to change every second, but Serena instructed to have them increase the seconds that one picture would display!

I need to go and check on our packing. Sid has laid out about five shirts, and I am thinking we will take about one fifth of what is laid out! Yes, we are taking the camera and the laptop! I doubt if we use the laptop at the Indian ruins, but the Comfort Inn has free wi-fi.

Enjoy your weekend one and all! Would love to hear from one and all!


Catherine said...

Roberta, hope you are having a good time down there in Casa Grande, enjoying the local sights or blogging, either one! We used the AAA booking last time we went to San Diego and it was still more than I really wanted to pay, BUT, I had what seemed like 100 phone calls to places that were all booked up first so I was glad to finally get reservations.

serena said...

Got two or three emails from Roberta last night.

Funny how the town name has been anglicized. I wasn't sure if it was spelled Casa Grand or Casa Grande.

They are expected back mid-afternoon - before or after a quick stop at Costco.

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