Monday, September 18, 2006

New Vienna Restaurant

Interesting site for New Vienna history.

This is a picture of the New Vienna restaurant. I remember when it was called "Polly's" for Polly Gibson - who lived down the street, next to the Friends' parsonage/Glen Reese's. She used to drive a Cadillac. She wasn't that friendly to me, but her husband (Tom?) always seemed friendlier.

I also remember that just around the corner there was a tiny house - although I can't quite remember who lived there - I do remember delivering their newspaper. And there were a couple of apartments above the restaurant - I think Elaine Burton lived there at least for a while and Mrs. Murphy?

Anyway, the link is above, you can click on the title of the blog post or here is another link. Posted by Picasa


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Serena, you have been BUSY! Very interesting to see and didn't know NV had a website.

serena said...

The restaurant was also called "Ginny's" for a while.

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