Monday, September 25, 2006

My Birthday

So yes I'm 29 now! W00-ho0 almost 30 as everyone seems to be reminding me. It was a good birthday. Friday night Ken gave me presents and took me to dinner at Sophies - a French restaurant. I had the duck, it was very good. We also went to the dr. on Friday - every two weeks now until 36 weeks then its every week. My dr. is very nice. He gave me a good job for only gaining two pounds in the last two weeks. The previous visit was 7 pounds in 4 weeks so this time was much better. Saturday my actual day of birth, I got my hair done and then went to lunch and shopping with my friend Adrian. Adrian is also throwing me a baby shower and ofcourse everyone is invited but I understand if you can't make it. Saturday night we ate dinner with my parents and Ken's mom, two sisters and niece (and of course more presents). We were going to go miniature golfing as well but by the time dinner ended (9ish) it was too late and we were tired keep in mind Ken is only 23 but he needs his beauty rest. So that was my super exciting birthday, I think I'm finally at the age where birthdays aren't as exciting as they used to be. I'm sure having KC will make that even more so - but then I can just get excited about his birthday.

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serena said...


Wow! You are having an exciting life! I haven't been shopping yet for your birthday/shower gift, but do have a planned trip to $.99 store SOON. I'm saving my pennies.

I have a theory about Ken - he is saving his energy for when he needs it. He keeps his eyes closed when his photo is being taken to save his energy. Open eyes = wasted energy. And after all, he doesn't HAVE to see to get his photograph taken . . . just stand there. Maybe we should have him doing something when he gets his photo taken.

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