Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Most posts in a row over longest timespan

Are we in competition mode still? Mary? Just in case we are here's my attempt at this week's record for the above. I'm sure this is partly due to Serena's inability to get online while at our house. A frustration you will hear more about once she is back online at Roberta's, I'm sure. Like old times tonight I did the Tuesday night library programs, an honor I held for 16 years straight. Figured I'd better get back into practice if I want to perform for KC! Actually I was filling in for someone on vacation. I better close quickly before someone else gets a post in and I miss my chance for the record.

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Roberta said...

No competition but I did want to let everyone know that we are Hi-fi here with all computers going. Speaking of competition I will have Serena send out the spelling words that she organized for me. I was sure the words at the end were all foreign ones! We have just had some fresh strawberries, with ice cream of course! Larry King is on so more later..........

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