Monday, September 11, 2006

More family pictures

I spent awhile scanning in many pictures tonight that I borrowed from the folks this summer when we were in New Vienna. There are so many files that I made a CD and will make copies and send them to everyone; you can print, load on your computer or whatever. We had a busy weekend with going to the Georgia Tech football (courtesy one of my Sr. Adult choir members), regular Sunday activities and school football season has started. Good thing is that gas is down to $2.57/gal. here! may have read in the Forester by now that our Children's Minister whom we spoke of was "released", but they are regrouping and hoping to cover with volunteers for the next few months. Our church is good to have folks who will jump in and help---a luxury RUK and Catherine don't necessarily have at their places of work.
Will have to check out the online registry for KCC! When I was a baby....or when I had my babies...I won't go there!

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serena said...

I remember when Christian was VERY young. The church baby room monitor-woman bullied me into changing his diaper. I told her that I had only changed one other baby's diapers - and that was his mother's. So, however many years between those two babies . . . I think that is a good interval for diaper changes. So, all the babies are safe for another 22 years or so. I'm sure that KC3 will have plenty of volunteers - parents, grand-parents, aunts, cousins, etc., etc. Not sure how Christian and Andrew would do though.

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