Wednesday, September 06, 2006

LOL and JK

I was beginning to think that RUK and I were the ones who would carry on the blog, but glad that Catherine is back participating now! WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT 10 or even 20 years ago we'd keep up with each other nearly instantaneously on a family blog??! Thanks to Serena for getting it started! Serena, you would be interested to know that I took my laptop in to get fixed and they said the problem was that several files were missing....and I thought it migt be good to delete that stuff I didn't need/want clogging up my computer! Should have it back up and running tomorrow night, hopefully.

RUK...more cyber short-hand for your contemplation: hagd, brb and ttfn

And by the way, the lady in the picture with G'ma, G'dad Uible in the back yard is NOT Serena Sterrett (emailed it to her family), so it must be Serena Reynolds (1884-1963 I think)???


serena said...

MV - Yes, definitely Serena Uible Reynolds - as identified by Dad. I thought I had labeled the photo, but maybe not.

serena said...

hagd, brb and ttfn

I'm guessing Have a Good Day.

I recognize Be Right Back - when one is chatting online.

TTFN . . . don't recognize.

The ones I use . . . or used to use (or saw used a lot) are TIA OTOH IMHO IMNSHO BIL SIL DH DW DS DD SAHM.

Many, many years ago on my first computer (20 years ago probably) I made either the mistake of deleting something I shouldn't have or messing with a file I shouldn't have . . . I've forgotten which. Had to reinstall some files. Most computers now have programs like restore where you can go back to where you were a day (days) ago which does come in handy. Do be sure when you are deleting stuff not to immediately do a defrag . . . which may REALLY delete whatever you deleted. (There is deleting and there is really deleting.)

My guess is that people spend too much time deleting/messing with little files when they have huge files that take up a lot more space that don't do anything.

Roberta said...

I only know FYI

What are the other answers????

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Well, I deleted and then defragged, I think. Live and learn. TTFN is Ta-Ta for Now. I have no clue what all the letters Serena put down are, though.

serena said...


Thanks in Advance
On the other hand
In my humble opinion
In my not so humble opinion
dear husband
dear wife
dear son
dear daughter
stay at home mother

There are lists of many such abbreviations, but I think they have gone out of fashion in email and on the Internet . . . but probably alive and well on chat.

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