Monday, September 25, 2006

Flying Trip

Just returned tonight from a "flying" trip to Jacksonville, FL where my friend Lanna had to have a CT scan and tattooing for her upcoming radiation treatments. We left last night after my rehearsals at church and got there about 11PM for her 9:30AM appt. She will start radiation next Monday. Mother, she had to have a "face" mask made and for her treatments and will have her whole trunk area radiated.
On a happier note, all is well here and glad to read all the emails and blog postings about Wendy's birthday eatings around town, KCC3 updates and Sid's updates (personally I thank you for the lack of pictures!!). Hope everyone has a great week and looking forward to reading all the activity on the blog.


serena said...

MV -

I have told Sid repeatedly - that you want details, lots and lots of details - via,telephone, email and pictures. Let me know when he sends the minute details - I emphasized that the gorier, the better.

Catherine said...

Serena, you are so funny! Assuming you are trying to be humorous.... You forgot the jk.

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