Sunday, September 10, 2006

First of the week at First Watch

Seven, and soon to be eight, members of the Uible Family contingent met at First Watch at 9:30am, Sunday, September 10, 2006. Present were, in order of seniority, Hayes S. "Sid" King, Gerry Morgan, Catherine Uible Morgan, Roberta Uible-King, Serena Uible, Wendy Morgan, Kenneth Charles "Ken" Counts Jr and soon to be KC! KC will be joining us in approximately 12 weeks! Attendance was taken and all were present and accounted for. No official meeting notices were announced or even considered but everyone seemed to enjoy breakfast. Wendy is looking especially good, in the glow of her pregnancy and all, and the rest of us looked OK.

Busy day at the library this afternoon and a nightmarish week coming up with two people on vacation and all types of school commitments, us visiting schools to promote the Ready Set Read First Grade library card program, and school groups visiting us to have tours, research assistance, etc. Just hope no one else is sick or does a trick like Roberta's walk off employee. I'm sure we'll survive however, and who am I to complain with Roberta working twice her normal number of hours, getting up hours earlier, etc.

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Catherine said...

Probably should have called our group the "western contingent" as opposed to the Ohio/GA contingent.

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