Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dental woes

Had my every 5 months trip to the dentist today and learned several bits of bad news. First off I have a cavity that if it isn't fixed quickly will work its way under a crown and cause even worse problems. Secondly I have to make an "emergency", like tomorrow, trip to the periodontist for an abscess in the gum near a tooth which I had dental surgery on last year trying to save. Could be worse though -- Aunt Mary will never recover from her dental issues, which is motivation to keep up with my dental needs.

On a more pleasant note, I have a weekend starting at noon tomorrow through Friday, as I work Saturday through Monday before we head into the LUV-ly skies with SW airlines on our trip to Ohio.

I have a comment on a post that Mary Virginia made many blogs ago about the picture currently at the top of our blog (which at least one reader of this family saga is not fond of and would like to have something else there). It was not taken the year of Roberta & Sid's wedding because it was at our house after we moved to Arizona in 1987 and then into this house in 1988. Roberta & Sid were married in 1984 I think. So the above is somewhere between 1988-1990 probably, possibly the Christmas before Mary was married as I seem to remember she had to leave early to get back.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

who doesn't like the picture? must be wendy because everyone else looks younger/better in the picture! I bet Dad has some recollection in one of his diary things about when we were all in Phoenix for Christmas. We married in 1990, so it was definitely before that. I would say 1989? the family (minus the Morgans) went to Israel in Jan 1988. Another good reason to write dates on photos!

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Also, Catherine, sorry to hear about your dental work and hope that everything goes ok; never had to have anything done personally other than a crown (and cavaties as a child). Has anyone tried those braun electric toothbrushes like Mom and Dad have? I've got one and the dentist always tells me how great my teeth's nice because it also has a "timer" to help you know how long to brush (60 seconds top, then same for bottom).

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