Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dead Tree, Alfalfa, and Roberta

What do the above have in common and why am I writing about them? The first two have been landmarks of our regular neighborhood walking route. This morning however, the tree, formerly lying in a state of rest in a grassy water retention area at the apartment complex at 63rd & Alice, was gone without a trace. Three months at least it had been there, and then suddenly gone, without advance notice even. As for the alfalfa, it remains the plant of choice in the farming area left in our square mile, but has been cut and is currently awaiting the baling machine. Not sure how many cuttings that makes for the year but remember the last one was only a week or two before our vacation as I remember Serena and I discussing this on a previous walk.

Now for the Roberta paragraph. Thought I'd better add something of a more general family interest or you all might quit reading my blog posts. One of the pictures Serena sent reminded me of an early memory of Roberta and I "napping" in the old house in New Vienna. I'm sure the afternoon nap was a regularly scheduled event and the exciting part was we got to lay down on the big bed for our nap if we didn't bother each other -- which must have been difficult to do quietly so that we wouldn't draw attention to the fact we were bothering each other. My plan was always to torment Roberta until she would call for help and then I would pretend to be asleep (and sometimes actually was) by the time Mother came to check on us. I credit this pretending to be asleep to my present day ability to fall asleep very quickly.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

I don't ever remember taking naps as a child but I sure do love them as an adult! One of my favorite past-times was to wake mother from naps---in church, in the car or where ever she nodded off. My children seem to have also inherited this "gift" as they do the same thing to me when I doze off! On Sundays I threaten them within an inch of their lives if they wake me....only exceptions are if the house is on fire or someone is bleeding uncontrollably!

Roberta said...

I knew it...........I was tormented as a child and now I have evidence! I would write more now but America's Most Wanted is on now. One comment about napping, I can't stand to see someone quiet and peaceful napping, and I will find any way to wake them up from clearing my throat to knocking on wood (hoping they won't hit me!) Back to AMW!

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