Sunday, September 03, 2006

Congratulations, Catherine

I think Catherine gets the prize---she is the only writer this week who got 2 comments! I think Roberta may be a bad influence on me....I couldn't go to bed without checking the blog. Also, the rest of you may be interested in this tidbit: Ginny was babysitting a 5th grader tonight and came home ready to spit nails because he had a "large" attitude and did not want to follow her directions. Thought that only happened with siblings!!! lol

Of course being so much younger than the rest of you had its ADVANTAGES...I had the run of the house and Mom/Dad never thought I did anything surprising after you all had done it all!
If that doesn't illicit any comments, you all are dead or your computer's not working.
From your baby sister "the angel" (JK)


Catherine said...

Begging for comments? Didn't realize there was competition involved in blogging but I did take your bait. Can't say that I remember all that many "angel" qualities but I'd say you were definitely the most pampered and fussed over. You win the prize for the most older siblings!

Roberta said...

Next in line checking in, and not necessarily commenting about how hard I had it,but making it easier on the younger ones! I do remember Mary Virginia having the easy life complete with much music (what were the names of those groups??) and all the new clothes! Off to Coco's have breakfast with my older, and next younger sister and 2 brother-in-laws! I was telling Sid he has seen the majority of the UIBLES (all four daughers) in the last week! This is Robertaa the blogger

Roberta said...

Oh, I meant Serena would have breakfast with two brother-in-laws.....I think faster than I cam type, but then I can talk faster than I can think! This is ROberta who now has two comments in!

Roberta said...


Mary Uible Crowson said...

JK is just kidding and Roberta would be the one looking for comments. I think they started the saying "A Watched Pot Never Boils" after seeing Roberta check the Blog countless times in a day.

serena said...

I remember when I was in high school - 16, 17 or 18 and knocking on M&D's to let them know that I was home late at night. The next morning Mother told me that I should stop waking them up unless something was wrong.

More than ten years later I was home for some sort of holiday and MV got in trouble for not waking her parents to let them know she had gotten in late one night and was okay. She was attending WC (Wilmington College, not Water Closet, Roberta), so had to be older than I was in high school. Of course, after Roberta, M&D were just tired and trying to catch up on their sleep. After John, they were well-rested and had the energy to interfere in/supervise MV's life.

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