Sunday, September 17, 2006

Comment catchup

I've been catching up on making comments today.

I know somewhere there is a comment by Catherine and later by MV about the family photo and the photo that I clipped out for my avatar. I have thought about putting up a more recent photo, but haven't really done much about it yet. It may be a problem in that by the time MV is in the photo various of her older siblings aren't. To get an individual picture of me as a child, I almost have to clip it out - I've seen very, very few photos of me alone - well, there is the tree one, but . . . I wasn't a child.

Plus, since I'm the one posting, I'm picking a picture I like of me - the rest of you can start your own blog. I hadn't really quite realized how ummm . . . laid back the rest of you look in that older photo. I suppose I could try cobbling some individual photos together. (Another use for Roberta's senior photo - the one she likes so much.) Actually, maybe that photo with Piper might be good. I'll have to investigate. Am trying to also get some housework done between posting/surfing so may not get done today. Plus, I'm thinking maybe should spend some time organizing photos. Would like to get another CD out to M&D this week . . .

Oh, in case you didn't notice . . . I changed the number of posts that appear on the front page again. Since I don't think that M&D with their slow connection are checking at all, I just thought it would be easier. If anyone has any preference, let me know.


Catherine said...

We could keep track of how many first comments each of us makes for a week for our next competition. Everybody have to keep their own score though.

Serena, Gerry told me there was a "funny blog from Serena" and he was right. If cameras had been cheaper then Mother & Dad could have given Roberta and I cameras to take pictures of you with, or with which to take your picture would be more grammatically correct.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

By the time I came along, they were either too tired to take pictures or didn't own a camera...there's even fewer of me than Serena!

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