Friday, September 29, 2006

another weekend

Catherine, I'm so impressed with your posts, but especially the one immediately below with picture and $10 vocabulary words! You should write a book....but them would that take time away from the blog? And speaking of time away from the blog, what happened to Roberta and Serena? Have they taken off on a vacation? I can't remember the last time either of them wrote a comment or post? Are you 2 okay? Maybe the pictures of Sid's head finally got to them!
We have a quiet weekend plans tonight, and tomorrow only rehearsals for Ginny's community choir I think. Does anyone know the actual dates for the April get together in FL? And what's the latest on Aunt Mary?

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Catherine said...

I don't remember the exact dates but seems like it started the end of March and included Mom & Dad's anniversary. Thanks for the compliment about the writing but I have no interest in writing, most times I can't even think of anything to blog about! Maybe Roberta & Serena will catch up this weekend. I saw them on Tuesday but haven't had contact since. Aunt Mary is still in the extended care portion of her retirement home, Marianne is there and Joe may still be there. Not sure what the next step is as I think her condition is such she may not be able to go back to her apartment.

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