Thursday, April 07, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Apr.8

Thursday morning
April 8, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  I'm glad you liked the card.  I hope you have gotten the package by now.

I talked to John on the phone last night.  Gerry and I are taking him out to dinner on Saturday.  I'm not sure yet if Gerry's sister will be going with us.  John said he hadn't heard from you yet.  He is counting the days he has left.

I have been bowling once this week and got an average of 83 which is good for me.

Nothing is any more definite as to the wedding plans.  I'm pretty sure we will get married here because that would enable us to start west all the sooner.  We should know by sometime in May when we will be able to leave.

I envy you people your early spring.  The grass here isn't even green yet.  The days are getting longer though and some of the trees are beginning to bud.

We went down to the beach last Sunday.  Some restaurants are beginning to open up and train their summer help.  Most places don't open until May.

Well, I have to be at work by ten so I better get a move on.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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