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1986 Family Letter -April 20

Sunday –
April 20, 1986
Dearest Family –

I am trying out GG's new typewriter and hopefully you will be able to read this without too much trouble.  It has been so very long since we last wrote to all of you but haven't had too many letters from you all with a few exceptions.

We have had rain all day today and it has been good for the soil but hard on the political signs.  We have three in our yard with others possibly coming.  Grandma called and she thought she shouldn't go to church this morning but Dad did get her in the van.  She had dinner at our house and then went home to take her nap, etc.  We did talk to the Hortons before she left.  They are leaving Tuesday for New York (and no doubt Lancaster) but coming back to Florida May 1.  They are planning to come to New Vienna High School Alumna Dinner & dance.  It is Aunt Mary's 55th and they are having another celebration that day too.  The Hortons plan to fly both trips Florida and People Express flights are hard to beat.

I don't know what I am doing wrong but every once in awhile it just refuses to type and the eraser isn't working too effectively.  I'll have to get further directions from someone – that is sure . .  A light comes on that says "D.Set" Set Wow ––

We have talked to all of you on the phone recently which makes letter writing less necessary.  Mary Virginia has been over the last two Saturdays and though the rain stopped her from working outside we did have more of a chance to visit.  They haven't set the dates for "Guys and Dolls" yet but have begun to work on it so it is probably the last part of May or first of June.  Graduation is the 14th or 15 of June so it will be before that.  MV has already made her reservations to fly to Amsterdam about June 26th and will be there for about 6 weeks – not there but traveling over much of central Europe – we tried to talk her into planning to stay over for a short time but felt like we had deaf ears for an audience . .  I am sure if she knew someone else would be doing the same it might be more enticing.  I can't believe she will be that anxious to get back to New Vienna.  Maybe Port William.

Serena is making some plans to go to Indiana University at Bloomington, as she is talking of making application to their library school.  Hopefully she and John can get together in Chicago in August when he is there for two weeks for Trust School.  We were glad to have had the chance to see Serena in coming and going through Chicago.

Roberta and Wendy plan to be here for a week starting June 17th. .  we hope John and X will be able to get down while they are here, plus we know that Grandma and us also would be glad to have them.  We do need G.G. here to help us "trainees."  This typewriter must have uncountable controls.  Roberta and Sid are doing much better on their new typewriter than we are here.  They are at a convention this weekend in their fifth wheel.

Had a great visit with the Morgans . . . yes, Wendy catches on quickly (like our children, naturally) and does know the different state capitols.  Both Washington State and British Columbia had impressive building and grounds for visitors like us to see.  We enjoyed seeing where Expo 86 will be held in Vancouver.  And Victoria was a lovely city as both Roberta and Grandma had said as well as others.  We also had a nice visit with the Nugents whom we had visited during the Seattle World Fair in 1962 – not too many remember them I am sure but they are not easy to forget.  We will tell anyone later.

[Love, etc.]

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