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1976 Roberta's letter to John -May 2

May 2, 1976
Dear John,

Hi!  I'm sitting back enjoying your stereo system – it has of course been kept in A-1 condition.  The house is quiet (except for the stereo) because Dad, Mom & Mary V went down to the ball game.

We're still working overtime [at Wells] – 9 hours a day but no Saturday work.  It makes for a long day but a good paycheck.  I've been helping Donna pack.  We've had alot of deals to go out – I think #320 – but I'm not always so good on my #'s.

Linda & David Trenary quit.  David missed 1 day of work – then the next day he wasn't going in so Linda took it upon herself to call in and say that they are both quitting.  Now there is a new woman in the braiding room from Wilmington.

Audrey – across the street had a little mishap – guess her hand went in the space that the paddle ball usually goes in – she broke 1 bone in her hand& crushed the others.  It made for alot of excitement at the time.  They called Donna – but the Emergency Squad took her to the hospital & all.

The Senior prom was this last weekend.  K.D. took Karen Henderson after all.  At least that is what I hear from Grandma – through Mrs. Rankin.  Grandma & her make quite a pair.

How is school?  Your days at Exeter are numbered?!

I've been trying to catch up on the news I missed while away – just yesterday I realized that Carter was a democrat.  I thought I'd be voting for him in the primary.

Sandy Hazelbaker is going to coach one of the teams (softball) this year – the little girls group.

Enclosed is article about Hudson Dream Farm ––


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