Thursday, April 28, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -May 4

May 4, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter which arrived with John on Saturday.  He said he was going to write you Sunday evening so perhaps you have already heard the events of the weekend.  I think he had a good time – at least it was different from his Exeter life.

Gerry and I have decided that June 11 will be our last working day in Sanford.  We are hoping to start west on the 12th.  We may rent a U-Haul trailer to bring our winter clothes and other things we won't be needing right away as far as New Vienna.  Then you could ship them to us when we are more settled.  Otherwise we hope to get all our belongings in the car.  We're going to get a bike rack too.  I assume you won't have any extra space when you take John home.  If you do we will be glad to help you fill it up.

As far as the Memorial weekend is concerned you are welcome to come to Sanford anytime, although I would think it would be best for you to come Saturday afternoon or evening since you want to get started back to New Vienna on Sunday.  Gerry, Debby and I are planning to come to Exeter on Sunday for the graduation.

Well, let me know what your plans are.


P.S. X wants to know if Roberta has Dave Beatty's address.  Please send it if she has it.

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