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1976 Catherine's Letter -Apr.24

April 24, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delayed in answering your last letter which did arrive on Monday.

The new library addition opened Monday so things have been hectic there.  We had to cut the hours from 54 hours/week to 39 hours because we haven't got more money from the town yet.  There will be a town meeting the middle of May so they may appropriate money then.

A new librarian has been hired – they interviewed 3 men – one refused the job offer and the Board didn't like the other two.  So they finally interviewed a woman and hired her.  She is to start May 3 and Dick's last day will be May 7.

Someone has signed a purchase agreement on X's house so he is pretty happy about that.  In some ways he hates to sell it though.

John is coming up next weekend I think.  He seems to be quite tired of the academic scene.  Perhaps the summer off will help.

Ask Roberta if she has read any books about Indian on the enclosed list.  I think most – if not all – of them are set in India.

Well, I have to get ready to go to work.


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