Sunday, April 03, 2016

1996 Happy Anniversary HH & Jean -Apr.3

Sixty-eight years ago, April 3, 1948, our personal family life began with the marriage of Harold Hiestand and Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible.

Full of sweetness and joy and peace, 
marriage is a gift from above.
While the years seem to fly
– none can deny –
that time only strengthens true love.

Not a fancy card – but hope it conveys my Appreciation & Admiration!  Happy 48 !!

Thanks to both of you we have many Happy Memories (tho not always in a neat photo album!) – to enjoy & cherish!  

I just don't know how you all survived w/ the five of us!  I remember Easter – with the egg decorating / hiding / finding – the outfits that matched – getting up early for Sun Rise Service – your anniversary I remember the most was when I was in FLA  (73 or 74) & the      ?      hit ZXenia! (I still can't spell!)  [Tornado hit Xenia April 3-4, 1974]

I'm very thankful for all – but I'm especially thankful that you both had your priorities straight & how each day would start w/ the Upper Room – God & an every day FAITH was an important part of our upbringing!  (+ states & their capitals!)

I'm sorry I missed little Joseph's memorial service.

Lots of love,
Roberta & Sid

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