Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1926 Ballantyne Ridge Ave. postcard -Apr.17

Ridge Ave. New Cumberland WV -real photo postcard mailed 1926 
[written in margin]  Doesn't it look lonesome. But wait until June.  Only sign life Aunt Mary's wash.
[Mary Conley Ballantyne & her husband, Charles "Alexander" Ballantyne and their children, lived in the house to the left of the Nat Ballantynes.  Assume the "wash" is the whiter specks behind the house on the far left.  In a magnification of the picture it appears there is a person leaning against the tree near the washing.]

Addressed to R.B. Ballantyne, 233 Ocean Ave., Daytona Beach, Florida

Sat. Apr ? [postmarked Apr 17, 1926 or possibly 1928, Pittsburgh]

Dear Bob and all,

About ready to leave for N.C. [New Cumberland] Aunt ______ is coming in to go along.

Fine day. Uncle Alex phoned. Roads were good.  Its awful lonesome down there (NC) Wish was going to Daytona, but have to stay and go to work so cannot say when I can get away.  Trust you all keep well.  Write often.

Love to all, Daddy [Nat Ballantyne]

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