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1996 Family Letter -April 7

April 7, 1996

Dear Family,

First, thanks for the anniversary cards and / or calls this week.  We had several conflicts on the actual day, but did make the library circuit and eating out on the day before.

The big news is that we reached Serena on the phone and met her today for lunch in Cincinnati.  Going to meet her again in another two weeks.  She told us that she is recuperating from mono.  On May 8th she plans to go to England for four weeks.  We also talked about the possibility of her meeting Roberta on May 5th and their going on to Newark, where we could join them the next afternoon for Kate's birthday party.

As you can see we are trying out different type of fonts but haven't settled on any one yet.  We also have an encyclopedia with the computer so can use it in our spare time.  It has been a snowy.  [sic]  Thankfully it doesn't last (the snow, that is).  We changed the bulletin board at the church and about froze before we finished on account of the icy wind, but didn't think we needed to have the Easter schedule up any longer.

Wish that at least one of you would be on hand for the UMW Guest night coming up this Tuesday. It's to be at the Senior Citizens Building and a pot luck followed by 5 clowns from the First Church of Christ of Wilmington.  I've got to wrap door prizes for it and blow up balloons we are using for decorations.  Guess who is President of the NVUMW?

It is now on "cuckoo" font – sorry I thought it was but it is "jester" yet.  Mary Virginia just called and said that beside her other activities of Easter morning that she had invited 11 guests for dinner.  She didn't come home to dress Ginny for Sunday School and church and Don had done a good job but her dress was on backwards with pocket and flowers in the back.

Judy Henderson McCord and her mother fixed breakfast for the ones who stayed after the sunrise service.  The youth put on a short skit and the choir sang some special numbers.  By the way Judy said she is going with Kevin Croghan now and has so much more in common with him than her first husband.  Kevin also brought his granddaughter (his step daughter's baby – they all live with him so it may be some mixed up family if Kevin and Judy ever marry.

Sorry we couldn't make it to lunch with John, Julie, Kate and the Ashcrafts.  We would have liked to but knew timewise it wasn't feasible.  Four weeks from today Kate will be celebrating her birthday – hard to believe that she will be three.  Roberta will be coming into Columbus the day before.  And the day after Mary Virginia will be bringing Ginny to visit us for a few days.  That will be a busy week end plus!

Things are busy at the office . . . the home stretch for tax returns is here.  On the contested estate matter we won on the first round in the local court, and now the opposition has appealed the case.  Hopefully there will not be a conflict with our June trip to Europe . . . not to mention the Montana plans.

[Remainder is handwritten, the personalized part]

Glad to get a report on your activities by phone from you & today from Roberta.  She seemed real pleased with Wendy joining them for lunch & church.  Said how very thin she's getting & how nice she looked!

Really like the Encarta on the computer now we just need the knowledge of what key(s) to punch.

Mother & Dad

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