Friday, October 02, 2015

1975 Mother's Club, New Zealand & TWA Postcard

A  combination of seemingly unrelated items – other than date, are combined below.  Back in the day when airlines gave out postcards, this card was evidently available on a flight from Ohio to Kansas City, a trip for Harold and Jean that resulted in their arrival in New Zealand.

The Franklin Square "theme center" and Benjamin's Restaurant in Mason, Ohio, was where the Mother's Club met on the Tuesday evening prior to the trip to New Zealand.  Evidently neither the
Square or the Restaurant lasted long as only references from 1974 and 1975 can still be found.

Postcard is transcribed below, clipping follows.
TWA Hong Kong Postcard mailed 1975
Captioned: Hong Kong: View of the Harbor.  In Flight with TWA.
1975 TWA Hong Kong Postcard HH to GHU -Oct. 7
Hi – Still at the airport – it was nice to be early – the plane is full.  K.C. is the 1st stop – then on to San Francisco.  We got these pretty post cards on the plane.  Away on schedule & nice to see the sun again above the clouds.  If they forget have them bring you J's letter that came today – Love, Jean & Harold.

1975 Wilmington News-Journal Clipping: "Franklin Square manager tells about it at New Vienna club."
[In Jean's handwriting – ] Left for NZ next day 10/6/75

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Mary Crowson said...

I remember the restaurant and believe that it overlooked the river or it was nearby....I think I went to the airport as they were going to be gone for weeks. Wilma and Mrs. Hildebrandt took them, as I recall and we stopped at the new Florence Mall on the way back. I was not the least bit interested in shopping---then or now---and at the time could not comprehend the necessity for such a trip; not so much the destination but the length of time to be gone.

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