Friday, October 30, 2015

1965 Jean's postcard to Roberta & Catherine -Aug.18

The following postcard should have been published in August along with postcards from Roberta and Catherine who were visiting New York City with a New Vienna group, sightseeing and going to the World's Fair.  Another related correspondence was a letter from Serena while visiting the Daileys.

1965 Postcard written by Jean, sent to Roberta and Catherine
in New York City, Paramount Hotel - Aug. 18

Wed. 8/18/65
Dearest Girls,

The boys pained the go-cart today – gold and Elbert wants to buy it for $9 – very plain but they've already had alot of fun with it.  Now John is begging for a motor for it.

We went out to Bernards last nite & got eggs – saw Barbara just as we were leaving but didn't talk to her.  On to Johnsons & watched them gather cows & milk.  Tommy says he wouldn't be a farmer – too many bugs.

Aunt Va. called last nite & Serena is to go home with Tommy & Maureen on the bus tomorrow.  Haven't decided how she'll get back.  Roberta & Mary Va. are invited up there [too].

Then will only have John & Mary V here from Thurs. til Sunday.

Serena & Maureen are ironing to go on their trip!

Sure miss both of you & hope to hear from you by tomorrow.   Keep Wilma straight!  Love & XXX Daddy & Mother

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