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1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17

The order of these pages seems convoluted though made slightly more sense when they were folded.  Too bad we don't have any (that have yet been seen) of Lucie's letters to Nat.
1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.2,1 
1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.3

1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.5,4

1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.6

Home. Oct. 17th [19]05
My Dear Lucie,

So I find I can take a little time this afternoon that I could not put it to better use than writing to you.  We arrived home from Wheeling on the late train last night and was good and tired.  While there wrote to you telling you had ordered the gloves from a friend of mine Mr. Franks.  Do you know him?  Well, he writes me this morning saying that he was unable to send the Driving and Gauntlett [sic] ones and tried to get them in the City but was unable to do so but had forwarded the dress ones.  Now am sorry that he did this as I wanted to send [--page two--] them all together.  Heaven hope the ones that has gone will get when up to the City.

Well Lucie it never rains but pours.  My cousin Lucile [Freeman Rogers? born about 1855] from Steubenville is visiting us and Mrs. Byerly [?] is at McAteers [?] and last Miss Lara Hill is also in town visiting Mrs. Plattenberg [?].  So you see I'm pretty busy.  Have not been to call on Miss Lara yet as she seems to like someone else better (Mr. Westlake [?] as he had her at Church Sunday eve and was down all day Sunday.  Will be there tonight and tomorrow she goes to see Fay South at Steubenville so you see she will not be liable to stay [--page three--] up late into the wee small hours on my acct. this time.  Suppose you heard about Brady's South's death.  It was certainly very sad and also very sudden.

Well Lucie you should have seen me coming home from Pittsburgh last Saturday.  Met Mrs. Byerly in the Union depot and was just in time to help her carry her packages and suitcases and took the boys in too.  Never felt so much like a family man before.  We had a fine ride and enjoy'd them so much.  Everyone who sat near us was congratulating me on my two fine boys and not a few notices their mother either for she was just looking fine.  She expects to be here for a week and may go back in McAteers Auto and do you know that Auto is still in the Barn.  Mac and one of the machinists at the Works has been working on it for a weeks and finally Mack had to get a man from the city to come down.  He came yesterday morning and has it almost ready to run.  Was down just before dinner and they all were out at the barn cleaning it up and polishing the brass work.  They cant understand why I say do not believe I cant arrange to go [--page four--] along with them on Saturday.  Lucie a dozzen [sic] Butlers wouldn't induce me to change my plans but a little dear girl in Huntington might.  Of course would like to go for the novelty of the ride but can get that again.

Have received the new bed for our Buggy and had it put on and it just makes it look like a new buggy.  Just ready for another ride when you come back but do not suppose you will care to ride in any other than your own when you come back.  Your father seems to enjoy it so much he is out every day and the weather has been so fine for him too.  Saw Polly Craddock  [--page five--] who has been visiting your folks out and Bert has been also taking her out.  Am so anxious that we have just such weather when I go down on Saturday. Won't it be fine.

By the way almost forgot to tell you that the Cigars came and they are fine.  Many thanks.  No one will get any of these and am just going to keep them to smoke when I'm all alone and lonesome (which is quite often) and can sit and smoke and think of the one little girl who lost her bet.  See.

Now Lucie think and believe will be a go and you can just bet if I have anything to do with it that [--page six--] we will have a big blow out when you come home and especially for you and you can look forward to that.  Mrs. Smith no doubt has written to you and told you all about the Fortnightly and I neednt mention it.  In fact do not know much about their last meeting.

So Lucie havent seen Milers frame [?] as yet.  He has invited me to call at Brown to see them but do not think I will do it as we do not do any business with them now and have not much use for them.  No, do not think she is above the ordinary.

Now will say Au ReVoir as I must get down to work and hope you receive my letter written to you from the McLune and don't forget to tell me where to go when I arrive on Sat. – and if you want anything from home will be to glad to take it down so be sure and say so I am most

Affectionately Yours,

P.S. Lara Hill said to me this morning that she heard something and its all off with she & I now.  Had quite a time to make her believe otherwise and do not believe she does yet, but I changed her mind somewhat am sure.  Now some people here like to talk about other people business and affairs.  Don't they?  She has just called and wants me to go to Steubenville with them.  She asked about you.  – Nat

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Interesting letter from Nat, especially 110 years ago and a year before they were married. Note that every paragraph starts with "Lucie" very near the beginning.

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